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Primary reasons for acoustics

  • To eliminate secondary sound in other words commonly known as sound reflection or echo.
  • To contain the sound within a specified premises using sound barrier or insulation.

When the acoustics of a room are well balanced, the room’s atmosphere is pleasant and creates a more tranquil “softened” setting. This is in turn increases people’s ability to grasp information and to work efficiently.

Niber’s sound absorbing acoustic panels offer a unique and cost effective solution, by combining excellent acoustic artwork panels can also be printed based on your choice.

Our Acoustical Services

  • Room analysis (Sound Survey )
  • Design and Consultation
  • Turn key project execution
  • Customised solutions

Why associate with us?

We at Niber Acoustics offer product and services which compliment your line of business activity thereby enhancing the product portfolio offering from your end to the customer. This gives you a competitive edge as a single source vendor for your products and acoustics and also adds business value by enhancing your top and bottom line.